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Benim Denim – Start-Up Designed to Shut Down

Most brands are gazing toward becoming the next scale-up. Growing their business, increasing their sales, and maximizing their production. Benim Denim is doing the opposite. 

In 2022 Renewcell, an award-winning textile-to-textile recycling company based in Sweden, teamed up with Swedish creatives Haisam Mohammed and Noah Bramme. Renewcell had salvaged 170-meter excess dead stock from a previous collection made with Circulose®, and the creative duo was asked if they were interested in creating something out of it.

“Since a young age, we’ve both dreamed of producing clothes and designing our own lines. But today, when the fashion industry alone stands for 8-10% of the global emissions, starting a brand with the intention of producing collection after collection didn’t sit right with us. So we asked ourselves how to make this lifelong dream come to life with as little environmental impact as possible”.

- Haisam Mohammed and Noah Bramme, Co-founders

As the name suggests, Benim Denim is a denim brand. But its business idea has a twisted logic. The ambition is to shut down the brand as soon as possible. Only allowing it to live as long as the 170-meter repurposed dead stock denim roll lets them.

“Working through an analogy, Benim Denim subversively connects ’hype marketing’ tactics to the abstract but very real physical constraints of climate and environment. No Planet B — No Drop B. It’s a comment on a dilemma that this generation’s emerging creatives are struggling to solve”.

- Nora Eslander, Head of Communications at Renewcell

The ambition is to spark ideas among fellow creatives to find new ways of turning their creative dreams and ventures into life in more sustainable ways.

The brand lookbook — shot by Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn — depicts the brand’s funeral service. Celebrating the shutdown of Benim Denim.

All Benim Denim products are made with Circulose® recycled from post-consumer denim. Sewed by Malmö Industries in Annelund, Sweden.